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Revolut launches Group Bills

Revolut launches Group Bills | Fintech Finance

Revolut has today announced the launch of Group Bills, an easy way to track, split and settle up expenses in one centralised place, instantly.

Group Bills makes managing group expenses easier than ever. Rather than splitting one bill at a time, Group Bills allows customers to stay on top of those big things like household expenses with flatmates, or holidays with friends.

The splitting is made so easy: customers can simply add bills to their Group and track them all in one place. And when it’s time to settle up, Group Bills can be settled in the app, with instant transfers when customers are both on Revolut. No need to have those awkward conversations, simply send a payment reminder and Revolut will send an automatic notification to your friend about payback

Just like splitting any bill with Revolut, Group Bills manages dividing the bills and all the tricky maths. Customers can split with precision, deciding exactly how much of a bill each person needs to pay back, and customise their Group Bills with a name and photo.

From two to twenty people, splitting group expenses has never been easier. To get started, Revolut customers simply need to update their app to the latest version (7.9), then tap on Group Bills in the Payments tab to start tracking their group expenses.


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