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Procensus Launches Market Intelligence Service for Financial Institutions and Corporates

Procensus Launches Market Intelligence Service for Financial Institutions and Corporates | Fintech Finance

Procensus, the opinion sharing community for institutional investors, today launched a premium service which extends access to the platform’s benchmarking data to corporates, capital markets bankers, alternative asset managers and regulatory authorities, providing them with enhanced market intelligence.

Procensus provides access to the highest quantity and quality of buy-side opinion data in the market, and the first-of-its-kind platform leverages advanced technology to capture a measurable score of investor sentiment against stocks, transactions (IPOs and M&A) plus ESG metrics with a proven track record for enhancing investment returns.

“We are delighted to extend access to the Procensus platform beyond institutional investors to a wider universe of market participants who will benefit from our unique source of transparent, unconflicted and unbiased market intelligence while protecting the anonymity of its members,” said Ed Allchin, Founder of Procensus and Autonomous Research.  “Procensus is a transformational data-driven platform generating insight into market sentiment – we expect it to become a de facto industry utility for centralising investor opinion, particularly around IPOs where we currently have a leadership position.”

“Procensus leverages a polling capability, data engine and rating system to capture and benchmark buy-side consensus, and to generate alpha, in a significantly more efficient way than the current human interface that is prevalent in the capital markets,” said Alastair Walmsley, CEO of Procensus.  “With a fast-growing community of more than 5,500 members from almost 1,500 institutions and with most of the world’s largest asset managers already active on the platform, we believe this innovative tool will become a critical component in the way information is shared across capital markets.”

Members of the Procensus community submit their views to the platform anonymously – offering a secure way of benchmarking opinions and framing consensus.  Pro-Ratings are generated from this opinion data to provide an aggregated, live gauge of stock sentiment.  In turn these are scored and ranked against peers.  Where opinions are adequately liquid and extreme these are synthesised into Pro-Signals or actionable recommendations (Buy, Hold, Sell). Using these Pro-Signals, the Procensus Market Neutral Pro-Folio returned +10.1% absolute return in 2020.

Procensus is now available to corporates, capital markets advisory teams, private equity and venture capital investors, and regulators, as well as institutional investors.


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