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Planet Launches Digital Payments Platform for Retailers In-Store

Planet Launches Digital Payments Platform for Retailers In-Store | FinTech Finance

Payments company Planet has launched an integrated digital payments service to multi-national retailers across Europe. Through a single partnership, Retailers now benefit from an enhanced, simplified service that unifies multiple payment channels. This allows merchants to trade globally with confidence as they reopen their stores, and improve the Retail experience for all shoppers.

As markets begin to open up, retailers are looking to invest in innovative services which save them time and money while offering customers great payment moments. Planet’s Retail payment platform offers acquiring, processing, VAT refunds, and currency conversion all on a single device. Acceptance of multiple payment methods with the major card schemes is included, as well as Alipay and WeChat Pay digital wallets to attract high-value Chinese tourists when they return.

The Retail service is further enhanced by stylish android payment terminals which ensure a faster, safer in-store process at the till. Planet’s rich integrations with leading Point of Sale (POS) software providers, means merchants can operate a fully integrated all-in-one Retail service. Our range of secure online payments products also ensures flexibility to pay either on-site, online, or via mobile to support the merchant’s omnichannel strategy.

Through a single, revenue-generating payments partnership Retailers can benefit from a range of value-added services to help grow and develop their business in the pandemic recovery. Currency conversion services give customers the choice and convenience of paying in the currency they know and understand.  While digital VAT refunds offer a quick, simple service to help increase store footfall as international shoppers return.

Our award-winning marketing and consulting team can also work with Retailers to help increase conversion and spend, by creating customised campaigns that offer customers a personalised shopping experience, therefore, increasing footfall and sales.

Retailers also benefit from consolidating all their payment services in one place as local customer support is available 24/7 via a single contact point. The payments portal offers real-time transaction views and reporting tools to help simplify reconciliation for Retailers with multiple sites across many markets.

“Our new integrated Retail service offers merchants a fully digital, omnichannel experience to attract both domestic and international spenders,” added Timothy Goodwin, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Planet. “In tougher global trading conditions, merchants are focussed on winning back and maintaining their customers by offering them a great experience with their brand. Consumers have been mainly shopping online in the last 12 months where they’ve been spoilt with a slick online experience. Retailers don’t want to disappoint them now as they return in-store. Through one provider, our Retail merchant partners are now equipped with all the tools and services they need to offer a safe, quick and simple payment experience, that helps them grow their revenue. Additionally, by using payment data insights to better understand the consumer journey, we can help Retailers provide a route to a more personalised service that improves brand loyalty.”


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