Pixxles backs Covid-19 causes to help worst-affected in UK

Pixxles, a new comprehensive and secure payment processing solution for e-commerce merchants throughout the UK & EU, is getting behind a number of charities and causes with regular donations to help those who are worse affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Despite the social and economic challenges that are being experienced as a result of the crisis, there are some UK businesses within banking and payments who are looking to make a positive difference.

Scott Dawson, Head of Operations, Pixxles, said: “In these extraordinary and difficult times, it’s crucial for businesses to provide a positive contribution where possible to help overcome the challenges that we’re all currently facing together. It’s within this spirit that Pixxles has made a decision to donate to a variety of charities representing a multitude of important causes across the UK in the coming weeks in order to help the worst affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.”

The charities and causes who have benefitted in the first week of Pixxles donations include: 

  • Captain Tom’s garden ‘walkathon’ – Captain Tom’s incredible fundraising effort for the benefit of NHS staff and keyworkers. https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomswalkforthenhs
  • Campaign for National Parks – Nature charities are working hard to preserve and protect the UK’s green landscapes to enjoy when the lockdown ends. https://www.cnp.org.uk/
  • Safelives – The lockdown is a particularly challenging time for adults and children living with abuse, and the professionals working hard to support them. https://safelives.org.uk/
  • Age UK – Older generations are among the hardest to be hit by the virus and need continuous support during the crisis and the period of self-isolation. https://www.ageuk.org.uk/


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