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Orca Offers Free Shares to Anyone Who Uses the Platform

Orca Offers Free Shares to Anyone Who Uses the Platform | Fintech Finance

Orca, a UK investment app, offers a range of free shares from the London Stock Exchange up to £200 worth for all its users who invite their friends to the app by using a referral code.

Orca’s referral programme has been a great success with many of its customers receiving free stocks. The programme has started after the app’s official launch and the pre-launch giveaway.

With over 16,000 users onboard, Orca provides free stocks up to £200 worth for everyone who invites their friends to the application.

Conditions for participation are quite simple:

  • users need to register, pass through the KYC procedure and open a GIA
  • get a unique referral code in a user’s profile
  • invest in 3 or more different assets with different tickers
  • share the code with friends

A user gets a free share each time:

  • their friend (colleague, subscriber, etc) passes the KYC with opening a GIA
  • invest in 3 different assets as well

Having that said, by the means of the referral programme, Orca wants to attract more users and allow them to enjoy a smooth and easy investing experience.


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