New payments start-up can save charities billions of pounds worth of donations currently lost on payment processing fees

  • Charities and charity platforms are forced to incur payment processing fees upwards of 2.9% largely linked to the inefficiencies in the traditional card networks, while London fintech firm Banked charges a minimal fee of just 0.1%, offering a huge potential saving.
  • Applying this 0.1% fee solely to popular fundraising platform GoFundMe, charities would have received an extra £204million in donations since 2014
  • Banked has just partnered with NHS charity HEROES and has waived all payment processing fees, allowing the organisation to afford tens of thousands more items of PP

A new payments start-up has the potential to save charities around the world billions of pounds worth of donations currently lost on payment processing fees. The new system, created by London fintech firm Banked, was officially launched earlier this month and charges just 0.1% payment processing fees, rather than the standard 2.9% typically charged by charity platforms due to the fees incurred by the card networks and associated payment processors.To put this in context, it is estimated that the UK donates £10.1billion to charity every year[1]. If just a fifth of these donations were made by card (a moderate estimate), the total lost by charities every year to payment processing fees would be around £59million.To offer another example, since it was founded in 2014, the fundraising platform GoFundMe has raised around £7.3billion in donations[2]. With transaction fees of 2.9%[3], this equates to over £211million worth of donations lost to credit card companies and affiliated payment processors in six years. Through the Banked payment system, this number would drop to £7.3million, meaning charities would have received an extra £204million since 2014.Applied to another popular fundraising platform, JustGiving, charities would have received £65-102million[4] extra since it was founded – and applied to all charitable donations made by card around the world, the savings would very soon be in the billions.

The Banked payment system is already being used by HEROES, a charity supporting the NHS, and on this occasion, Banked has waived all payment processing fees. Previously, the charity had planned to use a major fundraising platform for their next £1million target and would have paid the standard 2.9% payment processing fee on all donations. This equates to £29,000 saved on every £1million raised – enough to cover 9,000 FFP3 masks, 10,000 full face visors, 6,000 single use gowns and 1,450 gift vouchers (a ‘perk after work’ scheme).[5]

Brad Goodall, Banked CEO, said: “When we donate to our favourite charity, or support a friend or family member fundraising for a cause, we only think about the £10 we’re ‘giving to charity’ and rarely consider the percentage lost to card processing fees. On a small scale, it doesn’t seem like much, but when you consider that the UK donates £10 billion to charity every year, the value of donations lost is huge.”

“Charity platforms play an important role and do amazing work above and beyond just taking the payment. They need to be supported with a modern payment network that removes the inefficiencies that cause large fees. At Banked, we want to revolutionise the payment system for charities and fundraising platforms by virtually eliminating processing fees, so that far more money can go to the actual causes. We are immensely proud to have already partnered with HEROES, which is doing amazing work to support the NHS at this difficult time.”

Dr Dominic Pimenta, HEROES Co-Founder, said: “At HEROES we are constantly humbled and inspired by the generosity of individuals and organisations during this national health crisis. We couldn’t operate as we are today without the support of Banked, who have enabled us to take real-time payments, and removed the transaction fee (which can be close to 2.9%) meaning we can get more critical funds to the frontline NHS, and fast.”

For every £1million raised by a charity in card donations, £29,000 is typically lost in transaction fees. Here’s what £29,000 could mean to other charities around the world

Fareshare115,000 meals per year for families using drop-in centres or food banks
Society for Abandoned AnimalsAll vet bills paid for eight months
WaterAid2,900 handwashing stations for families in Africa
RSPCAA blanket, toy and a treat for 2,400 animals in care
ShelterAbility to answer almost 3,000 urgent calls to its helpline from struggling households
United Nations Food Bank Program158 children fed for an entire year
Guide Dogs for the Blind Association15 working guide dogs per year



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