Mortgage Engine connects with Fluent Mortgages, delivering time-cost saving and multi-DIP proposition to brokers

Mortgage Engine has announced its API connection with Fluent Mortgages in a move which the brokerage says could save 105 hours per week on mortgage applications moving forward. Directly authorised mortgage brokers at Fluent will now be able to source multi-DIPs from a single application within their own systems. This is facilitated by Mortgage Engine’s application programming interface (API) technology, which connects distributors with lenders including Santander and NatWest.

The connection also means that MoneySuperMarket customers, who go to Fluent Mortgages seeking remortgage advice, will also be able to benefit from multi-DIPs from a single application submitted by their mortgage broker.

Cloë Atkinson, managing director, Mortgage Engine said:

“We’re really pleased to connect with Fluent and enable even more brokers to access DIPs from multiple lenders without needing to rekey customer data.

“We are harnessing the power of technology to make the mortgage process more efficient. This partnership is another positive milestone on our journey to bring better, faster connectivity to lenders and brokers.”

Mortgage Engine is integrated with 22% of the UK mortgage lender market at present but is expanding its proposition to connect more lenders over the coming months.

Tim Wheeldon, Chief Operating Officer at The Fluent Money Group said:

“Mortgage Engine’s API platform will help us reduce the admin hours spent on rekeying data for multiple mortgage applications. Based on our average number of cases, we have calculated this could be in the region of around 105 hours per week in time saved on applications. This is a significant improvement in business efficiency and will enable our brokers to focus more on supporting our customers, offering advice and generating new business.”

Author: Lauren Towner