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MoonPay Launches Industry-first-of-its-kind NFT Solution

MoonPay launches industry-first NFT solution | Fintech Finance

MoonPay, the global payments solution for cryptocurrency, has launched a first-of-its-kind solution for NFTs (non-fungible tokens), providing all the necessary payment tools for launching an NFT marketplace.

Following the exponential rise in interest in NFTs, MoonPay has created a unique offering, enabling its partners to participate in this new market and provide their customers with access to their favourite digital assets.

MoonPay’s exclusive on-and-off-ramp solution triggers the transfer of an NFT on-chain directly once funds are received – blending together the fiat and crypto aspects of a transaction. This enables marketplaces to run both on a custodial and non-custodial basis, reducing risk and streamlining marketplace operations.

This new offering allows users in more than 160 countries to seamlessly purchase NFTs in their preferred application or marketplace, directly, using their chosen fiat payment method – credit or debit card, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, or bank transfer. MoonPay guarantees all payments, removing all transaction risk from the marketplace – enabling partners to facilitate higher limits safe in the knowledge that they are 100% protected. Integrated transaction monitoring ensures all activity is monitored and any suspicious activity is automatically flagged.

Commenting on this launch, Ivan Soto-Wright, CEO and Co-Founder of MoonPay said: “At MoonPay we are committed to building tools which make the experience of moving money between fiat and crypto so seamless, our users may not even realise they are using a new kind of financial technology.

“As testament to this, we are incredibly proud to launch the first-of-its-kind NFT solution which allows our partners to create their own marketplaces, in a safe and secure manner. We know that mainstream adoption of technologies only happens when tools and solutions are integrated so intuitively that most users aren’t concerned about their existence. We hope that our unique solution will help to power the future of NFTs and unlock a world of opportunities for our partners.”

Since launching in 2019, MoonPay has secured over 250 partners and has grown from a team of two to over 60 people, with team members located across four continents. The platform supports 45 fiat currencies and has added over 60 cryptocurrencies to its infrastructure as it looks to democratise cryptocurrency access and open the asset-class to over a billion people by 2030.


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