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Mastercard has created the world’s biggest digital wave with over 1 billion views to celebrate the return of the UEFA Champions League

Mastercard has created the world’s biggest digital wave with over 1 billion views to celebrate the return of the UEFA Champions League | Fintech Finance

Mastercard has created the world’s biggest digital wave through social media achieving over 1 billion views amongst football fans, celebrities and sporting heroes globally.

The #PricelessWave challenge, set to celebrate and connect fans during UEFA Champions League, is currently under review by Guinness World Record. So far, 603,464 people have shared their video on TikTok alongside the likes of football legends Fernando Torres and Marcel Desailly, celebrity faces Olly Murs, Sam Thompson and Pixie Lott. In addition, TikTok megastars from across Europe including Harriet Freestyle from UK, Venessa Bauer from Germany and Lia Lewis from France showing off their skills.

The challenge has been viewed 1,259,815,688 times and was also liked, shared and received comments by over 167 million people. #PricelessWave encouraged 41,468 males, 131,219 females and even their pets to be part of the football celebrations. Fans joined from all over the world, with the most celebrations shared from UK, followed by Germany and France.

The TikTok stars had some serious skills with Vanessa choreographing an ambitious roller-skate wave, Olly Murs kicking a football over his house and catching it in just 10 seconds and football freestyler, Lia Lewis, showing her incredible footwork, all to celebrate the return of the UEFA Champions League and join in the challenge.

Alongside Mastercard ambassadors and TikTok stars, nurses and care home workers also joined in as well as waves from fans beloved pets including, cats, dogs and even a guinea pig. Many football freestylers began nominating other TikTok friends and the challenge saw football tricks, overhead kicks and plenty of kick ups.

There were a few failed attempts, with users trying their best at football freestyle, including one using a toilet roll and another user even trying to back flip into a swimming pool, with little success.

The Mastercard #PricelessWave continues on to create new and unforgettable experiences, that connects football fans and players. By elevating the football experience, by bringing fans together throughout the UEFA Champions League, Mastercard displayed how a simple ball, a special game and a unique event can start a celebration that has everyone jumping out of their seats and celebrating the very best that football has to offer.

Jeannette Liendo, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Mastercard Europe said, “We wanted to use technology to connect fans around the world and give them an opportunity to celebrate together and start something Priceless. Football fans are incredibly passionate about the game, so it’s great to connect people during the celebrations leading into the final. It’s been great to see so many fans, including some familiar faces, come together to create something truly Priceless for the UEFA Champions League. A celebration we will never forget.”

The #PricelessWave was created as a TikTok hashtag challenge that users could participate in by creating their own wave and tagging their videos with the #PricelessWave tag. A custom filter activated when fans lifted their arms in the air, which dropped footballs over the screen and integrated Mastercard’s Sonic music for a truly Priceless celebration.

The UEFA Champions League concluded on 23rd August with the final game being played between FC Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain with FC Bayern Munich being crowned the UEFA Champions League champions of 2019/20.


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