Market-leading credit control app Chaser launch Cashflow Recovery Initiative for UK SMEs during COVID-19

UK SMEs face huge challenges getting their invoices paid on time, with over £225 billion in overdue invoices owed to them at any one time – a situation now dramatically exacerbated by Covid-19. Chaser’s Cashflow Recovery Initiative will put businesses in the best cash flow position possible in this uncertain time by providing SMEs with access to an expert team to help them get their invoices paid, completely FREE of charge. 

While Chaser’s software has already helped businesses chase $2.7bn in overdue invoices, it is the team at Chaser, with over 20 years of experience in credit control, that really make this initiative stand out. The commercial side of the Chaser team has been completely redeployed to provide whatever support is necessary to enable UK SMEs to get cash in the door as quickly as possible.

Depending on the individual needs of each business, support will range from ‘coaching’ the business through their invoice chasing process and helping to implement transformative measures, to a fully outsourced credit control function with the Chaser team taking over their invoice chasing completely.

David Tuck, Founder and CEO of Chaser, says: “UK SMEs are in desperate need of assistance to navigate today’s landscape and successfully get their invoices paid. How do they judge which customers can and can’t pay them? How do they ensure those that can pay, do pay? What are the optimal payment plans to offer to people who can’t? And how do you go about setting them up? These are incredibly tough questions for anyone without credit control expertise to answer.”

He adds: “This is a time for everyone to do what they can to help. We don’t know anything about making vaccines. We don’t know anything about making ventilators. But we know a lot about getting invoices paid. SMEs are in deep need of this knowledge and expertise – and it is our responsibility to step up to the mark and help them make it out the other side of this crisis.”

Chaser has always been at the forefront of credit control innovation, having first launched their software platform back in 2014. Chaser then pioneered Virtual Credit Control in 2019, by partnering with Accounting and Bookkeeping firms to help them offer an outsourced invoice chasing solution to their clients. This was followed by ChaseAcademy – a 12 week intensive programme for additional firms who wanted to learn how to do this.

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