Leading Business Analytics Software and Services Powerhouse SAS Joins World AI Show as Lead Sponsor

Named as a Leader by top analyst firms, SAS will feature as the AI and Analytics Partner for the virtual edition of World AI Show – Qatar (#WorldAIShow) on November 10th. Olivier Penel, Data & Analytics Strategic Advisor at SAS and speaker for the event, will delve deep into how organizations can operationalize their analytics, inject analytical insight into every business decision and customer touchpoint, and quickly adapt to fast-changing market conditions.

One of the largest independent vendors in the AI and analytics market SAS will feature at Trescon’s virtual edition of World AI Show on November 10th 2020. With a special focus on Qatar, World AI Show will aim to gather over 200 global online participants including the nation’s leading government authorities, top AI, RPA, cyber security, cloud service providers and senior-level decision-makers from enterprises to share insights on Qatar’s budding AI market.

Among the top technology leaders and speakers who will join the global conversation will be Olivier Penel, Data & Analytics Strategic Advisor at SAS. Passionate about data-driven innovation, artificial intelligence and how it relates to bigger questions such as privacy and ethics, Olivier provides strategic guidance to organizations to streamline the creation of analytical insight, from data to decision, to operationalize analytics, to maximise the value from AI investments and to accelerate digital transformations.

When asked about the session that he is going to host at the upcoming event, Olivier stated, “Artificial Intelligence is re-shaping the world we live in. From life partner choices to political campaign management, sport performance optimization and of course business decisions, AI is weaving into more and more aspects of society, businesses and personal lives. In this innovation race, data is the ‘new black’, data science is emerging as a new profession, and ethics is becoming the new frontier of technology.”

Olivier’s session ‘AI for grown-ups’ will further aim to explore how successful organizations are using ModelOps to industrialize their analytics for speed, volume, repeatability, and reliability, with a streamlined analytic lifecycle and effective collaboration across teams.

According to Mithun Shetty, CEO of Trescon, the show will essentially explore sectors of critical Infrastructure where AI/digital transformation can help the nation boost economic competitiveness with the region’s top AI experts and the global AI fraternity. He said, “We are extremely honoured to feature SAS as the AI and Analytics Partner for the event. SAS is vehemently modernizing its marketing technology and customer experience. We are enthusiastic to learn more about how their solutions can drive the future of Qatar’s AI market at World AI Show.” Mithun further stated, “The show will feature regional and international use-case scenarios, keynotes, panel discussions, tech talks and more from leading technology stakeholders converging from key sectors like Government think-tanks, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking and Finance, Oil & Gas, Utilities and Transportation; to name a few.”

The show will be hosted on the advanced virtual events platform Vmeets.

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