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Kount Announces Industry’s First Adaptive Protection Solution for Account Takeover Fraud

Kount, the leading provider of digital fraud and cybersecurity solutions, today announced Kount Control, the industry’s first adaptive protection solution to prevent account takeover fraud. For the first time, companies have access to a unified and customizable solution to combat malicious logins and bots, credential stuffing, and brute force attacks while also enabling personalized customer experiences through an adaptive friction model.

Kount Control – Account Takeover Protection is comprised of three layers: protection, policy and customization, and reporting and data presentation.

The protection layer of Kount Control checks multi-dimensional velocities including user behavior, device and network information to detect high-risk, anomalous login activity such as bots, credential stuffing and brute force attacks. This helps determine in real-time whether a login should be allowed, declined, or challenged with step-up authentication.

In the policy and customization layer, Kount Control provides the capability to customize user experiences and reduce friction by identifying and segmenting users based on common characteristics, such as VIP users or trial users. Unlike other solutions, Kount Control provides a rich set of essential data for delivering adaptive friction with the necessary precision. This dataset includes user type, device specifics, IP risk, geolocation, custom data, and more.

The reporting and data layer of Kount Control provides login trend data that includes device and IP information, both of which are often not available to fraud teams. Having the ability to quickly identify and report on failed login attempts, risky IPs, compromised accounts, and inbound anomalies not only allows businesses to stop account takeover attempts, it uncovers trends that enrich their own data and inform future policies.

“As fraud continues to become more sophisticated and exploits vulnerabilities beyond payment transactions, it is critical companies look to an account protection solution like Kount Control – Account Takeover Protection Solution announcement” said Julie Conroy, Research Director at Aite Group.

“Our new Kount Control Account Takeover Protection is the industry’s first solution to provide an adaptive and customizable way to not only prevent account login fraud, but also personalize the customer experience,” said Brad Wiskirchen, CEO, Kount. “With account takeover fraud expected to cause $10 billion in market losses this year, this is something businesses need to address now.”


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