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ITI Capital announces plans for new Forex trading proposition

ITI Capital announces plans for new Forex trading proposition | Fintech Finance

ITI Capital, the global financial services provider for institutional investors and private clients, today announces plans to upgrade its FX (Foreign Exchange) trading platform. ITI expects to roll out this new service to clients by the end of August.

In June 2020, ITI acquired the client book from SVS Securities, which was placed in Special Administration this time last year. Included as part of the acquisition were a group of FX clients, who will be benefitted by this new announcement. ITI has not begun onboarding the FX clients yet, but the company expects to do so when it has upgraded its FX service later this month.

ITI will utilise MetaTrader 4 (MT4) forex trading platform, and the service will tailored to suit both retail clients and elected professional clients. The company will also provide client support for its Chinese clients, who make up a large proportion of the SVS client book.

Foreign currencies have been hugely impacted by the current global pandemic, and ITI Capital has committed to improving their FX services so that clients can receive instant insight and access to their foreign exchange portfolio.

Rahul Agarwal, Managing Director for private clients UK, comments:

“ITI has always offered FX trading as a service to Elected Professional clients. However, given the current climate, and with our new acquisition of SVS Securities’ client book, we are developing and upgrading this offering so that it is more capable than ever, and will appeal to both retail and professional clients.

“As is with all of our services, our FX trading platform will be aided by cutting-edge technology, designed to offer clients invaluable insight into market trends, allowing them to make a more informed decision than ever.

“Clients will also be glad to hear that we’re not stopping here either. We have important announcements to make in the near future about the progress and next phase of ITI Capital, which will be revealed in due course.”


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