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FTh Connection: matching Unicorn Founders and FinTech Hackers

July 6 – 26, 2020

FinTech Connection is the closed online meeting of the 

  • founders of prospective early-stage companies  that need product development support.
  • tech teams that have deep expertise in technologies for the financial sector. 

For founders that is a great opportunity:

* to find a great tech team for the product development and enter the market in time;

* to decrease the cost of software development and the dependence from investor’s money through vesting scheme and lower rates after fundraising;

* to launch an MVP or prototype fast;

* to increase the level of investor’s trust in case your project is at the stage of PowerPoint presentation.

* to focus on the marketing, IR and business growth with a reliable and competent tech team.

Participation for founders is free of charge and requires only commitment and registration. 

Please, notice that this event is with a limited number of participants. Early registration is advisable.

Details of the event and link for registration: https://fth.by/connect/

Deadline: July, 19

FinTech Connection is organized by FinTech hub “FTh”. https://fth.by/


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