Fintech Finance Presents: The Paytech Show 1.07 – Paying around the World

In this episode of the Paytech show, we travel the world with PPRO, who give us the breakdown on Local Payment Methods or LPM’s. We get a broad picture of the payments industry with interviews in Asia, Europe and North America and how this diverse ecosystem can have a massive impact on merchants and cross border payments.

  • We were interested to hear about the about the study PPRO conducted into cross-border payments. Steve Villegas tells us more about what this study revealed about the US market.
  • When it comes to an advanced payment landscape, Asia is hard to beat, so we travel to China to meet up with An Lu who heads up PPRO’s office in Singapore.
  • Ronnie D’Arienzo in the UK, describes how even within the EU, there are numerous LPM’s!

To view PPRO’s Western and Central Europe report, please click here .

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Author: Yash Hirani