Fintech Finance Presents: The Paytech Show 1.02 – Servicing the SME Market

In this episode of The Paytech Show, we’ll be looking at how to service the SME market. We will be investigating how the institutions are protecting able to enable firms to provide point of sale payments for small merchants, and either by lending or processing enabling them to access those funds rapidly.

So firstly, Ali Paterson headed to speak with Anders la Cour, CEO of Banking Circle to look at how they can provide the underpinning technology in this space

We also caught up with Ron Kalifa, Chairman of WorldPay to talk about the rise of mobile payments, and facilitating merchants who want access to the rest fo the world when it comes to payments.

Lastly, we speak with Jesse Dorogusker, head of all things hardware and POS at Square, to talk about card and digital payment acceptance for merchants.

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