Fintech Finance Presents: The Fintech Show 1.16 – Payments, Cards & Biometrics

In this episode of the Fintech Show, we take a look at the future of payment technology through innovations in customer experience and security. We speak to giants in various stages of the ecosystem, from Klarna, Tinkoff Bank to Fingerprints. How are card payments in Europe developing differently from the rest of the world, we travel to Spain, China and Sweden to find out! Features from:

  • Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO, Klarna gives an amazing insight into the rapidly changing payments landscape between Asia and Europe
  • Oliver Hughes, CEO, Tinkoff Bank describes the powerful potential to improve customer experience through biometrics
  • Thomas Rex, SVP, Fingerprints knows how the biometrics will create a convergence of the best CX and security

Featured in this Article:

Author: Yash Hirani