Fintech Finance Presents: The Fintech Show 1.11 – What Customers Want

In this episode of the Fintech show, we try and find out, what does the customer really want? Why should the banks actually care about the customer experience? To learn more we asked thought leaders from: Revolut, Rabobank and Quadient. Andrew Stevens, Quadient has nearly 20 years in the financial industry and is fully aware why banks are starting to improve their offerings. Nikolay Storonsky, Founder and CEO of digital bank Revolut breaks down how being digital has helped them make the services that customers actually care for and want. Over in the Netherlands, Alexander Zwart, Head of Digital Channels, Rabobank and CX broke down how Rabobank are excelling at bringing customers, retail and corporate, an improved digital experience over their App. Gavin Drescher at LV= gives us a perspective from the insurance industry from one of the most advanced insurers.

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Author: Yash Hirani