findexable appoints Dr. Leda Glyptis as Chair

findexable, the company behind the world’s first global platform of fintech companies and hubs, announced today that Dr. Leda Glyptis has joined the organisation as its Chair. In this role, Dr. Glyptis will lead findexable’s continued development as a world-wide hub for collaboration, research and innovation for governments, entrepreneurs and investors in financial technologies.

Dr. Glyptis is a former banker and software executive and the founding CEO of 11:FS Foundry, a cloud-native modular ledger and product configuration start-up which aims to help financial institutions fully realise their transformation from “traditional” services to a fully digital environment. Leda served in IT and innovation roles at BNY Mellon, Sapient and QNB, before joining 11:FS to set up and run Foundry. She holds an MSc and PhD in Politics from London School of Economics and a BA in Social and Political Sciences from Kings’ College, Cambridge.

Simon Hardie, co-founder and CEO of data analytics firm, findexable, said: “We are delighted to welcome Leda to the Board at a time when the Global Fintech Index is experiencing exciting levels of traction worldwide. Leda brings deep experience and critical insight to move the company to the next level of its commercial growth journey. Her vision and connections will be indispensable in our mission to help build a progressive financial ecosystem by removing location as a barrier to fintech success, and enabling investment to flow more easily to financial innovation wherever it’s found.”

Commenting on her appointment, Leda Glyptis said: “I am excited to be joining a wonderful and dynamic team at a critical moment in their growth journey and at a pivotal moment for our industry, when distance and location have become insignificant overnight as we are all stuck in small bubbles, behind our screens. For our industry to continue growing and thriving, up-to-date, reliable and unmediated data spanning geographies and verticals enabling us to build a system of greater inclusion, greater fairness and greater access. At a moment when entrepreneurs seem more isolated and the world seems more disconnected, focusing on a set of capabilities that seek to overcome those barriers informing investors, wherever they may be, and supporting entrepreneurs, wherever they are, with reliable, robust and insightful data at the service of our communities.”

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