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EDM Council Expands Partnership with MakoLab to Launch Open Knowledge Graph

EDM Council, the cross-industry trade association for data management, has expanded its partnership with MakoLab™, focusing on multi-industry digital transformation projects, to provide its Open Knowledge Graph support to a broader range of industry verticals.

The partnership, which initially focused on the financial sector with the EDM Council open source development of FIBO (Financial Industry Business Ontology), was created to help transform the global adoption of Open Knowledge Graph capabilities as the focus on data management best practices continues to grow in importance. With Knowledge Graph being regarded as one of the top innovations that will change information technology and data management, the collaboration between EDM Council and MakoLab will help educate enterprises and transition Knowledge Graph technology from an engineering concept to a groundbreaking multi-industry business initiative.

“Knowledge Graph has powered the largest digital companies and now will bring for all industries a new dimension to data and analytics, allowing enterprises to leverage diverse data sets in a multitude of applications and make more informed decisions,” said John Bottega, President of EDM Council.

“MakoLab is proud to expand our partnership with EDM Council to bring wider applications and education of Knowledge Graph technology to a variety of industries. This capability will truly change the data management landscape and the overall execution of business applications along with it,” said Dr. Mirek Sopek, President and Founder of MakoLab.

MakoLab projects have included collaborations with some of the largest enterprises in the world across a number of industries that include financial services, automotive, consumer goods, and real estate. In the last 12 months, EDM Council’s membership has seen substantial growth, particularly among non-financial services industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, automotive and manufacturing.


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