COVID-19 Dictates New Rules: Aximetria Releases Web App Expanding Customer Flexibility During Home Stay and Still 0% Commission on All Transactions and Services

Aximetria, a fintech company offering Swiss crypto accounts to manage investments, store savings and send money worldwide, releases a Web version of its zero-commission finance service of the future to accommodate user experience during the current COVID-19 induced “work from home” reality. This has made the demand for the Web version of Aximetria’s previously mobile-only service evident, with 86% of customers indicating in a survey that Web versions are still relevant and are needed. The new development makes it convenient to securely access Aximetria finance services over the Web.

One of the biggest advantages of Aximetria’s finance service is its user-friendly interface and feature-rich functionality. The app is free, easy, fast and safe to use in a mobile environment – and now in a web-based environment, too. In just a few screen taps, mobile users can do anything through the Aximetria app that was previously available through banking systems that charged unaffordable fees for many. Following high demand for an Aximetria Web version, the startup has rolled out an online version with the most important and asked for functionality, opening more opportunities to people preferring secure desktop browser access.

“Today, we continue scaling the product and accommodating it to the current “stay at home” situation where Web finance services are preferred over mobile. We’ve delivered a Web version of the service to make it convenient for customers to securely access all of our services online from home,” said Alex Axelrod, CEO of Aximetria.

Aximetria offers the most innovative and technologically advanced financial instruments within its app, such as AxiDrop, to help people send cross-border remittances to any phone number and send or receive cash from agents in even the remotest locations, among other must-have features. Aximetria works with all bank cards, so users can just save their bank card issued by any bank and start making transactions instantly. Aximetria’s mission is to remove barriers that hold back people worldwide in their aspirations to save and multiply wealth. Aximetria helps customers manage their honestly earned assets using a Swiss crypto account – easily, legally and securely.

Aximetria is positively disrupting personal finances for the better, putting financial power back into the hands of the individual. The company is leading the “third wave” of neo-banking and building “no-excuses” solutions that are turning the world into a more competitive marketplace. As Axelrod commented, “International transfers, liquidity, and quick settlement are no longer just for large institutions. Empowerment is the promise of cryptocurrency and blockchain in the first place, but to date few firms working in the space have managed to remain true to the mission of banking the unbanked, and helping people in developing countries, so we welcome everyone to join us on this exciting journey.”

“The coronavirus pandemic has once again shown us how fragile the global economy is. Stock markets, currency rates, and even cryptocurrencies sank and soared to record highs and lows, and continue fluctuating. In such a situation, we can still — and more than ever — claim that cryptocurrency can help the global economy. Although the Bitcoin exchange rate has almost returned to its 2019 levels, this figure cannot be compared with the losses that residents of countries with unstable economies have been suffering for years, if not decades. It is enough to recall that the Argentinian peso collapsed by 19% in just one day on August 12th, 2019, and in just a couple of weeks, the government drastically limited foreign exchange operations. When viewed globally, cryptocurrencies keep the global economy from even greater losses,” Axelrod added.

Aximetria is a Swiss, VQF-regulated fintech company that is reliably rock-solid in every aspect. Aximetria is one of the world’s fastest growing startups, attracting 100,000 users worldwide in just six months last year, with a 30% onboarding rate in selected regions, such as Argentina and Brazil.

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