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bunq to double users’ in app charitable donations

bunq to double users’ in app charitable donations | Fintech Finance

European challenger bank bunq today announces the launch of its first Double Donation Day,taking place on Saturday 5th September, to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus crisis on charitable organisations.

Through bunq’s in-app charity feature, Common Goals, users can easily and quickly raise money for their chosen charity, collecting as many donations as they can in support of their cause. At the end of Double Donation Day, bunq promises to instantly double the total amount raised for the most popular charity.

As a result of the coronavirus crisis, raising funds has become a major challenge for charitable organisations worldwide. Non-profit organisations face the brunt of the current economic downturn and are expected to miss millions in donations. Smaller charities in particular are hit hard, at a time when their positive impact is needed more than ever.

bunq introduced Common Goals in June, a feature which simplifies charitable giving. Users can start raising money for the charity of their choice in seconds, straight from the bunq app itself. In the first month after its launch, bunq users created almost a hundred Common Goals, supporting a wide variety of causes.

Ali Niknam, CEO and founder of bunq, says: “Feedback from our users shows they want to have a positive impact on the world in a fun and easy way, so we’re very excited to support them by doubling their in app donations to their most popular charity!”

Double Donation Day coincides with the International Day of Charity as declared by the United Nations in 2012


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