bunq – the green challenger bank unveils radical update enabling you to easily give to charity during covid-19

bunq’s new update enables users to give back to causes and charities of their choice easily, through the app, with no extra effort – whether that’s ridding the oceans of plastic or supporting your local small business during covid-19. bunq is launching its most radical update yet on the 29th May, unveiling it’s personalised and community approach to banking.

This update is inspired by its users – 72% choose green companies as their investment preference so the launch of ‘bunq V3’ builds upon its current zero-effort sustainable options, such as its bank account that plants a tree for every €100 spent allowing users to become CO2 free in less than 2 years.    

Additional features include:

  • Users can create and support their own local charities and invite other members of the community to support them
  • People can donate how and when they want to through a click of a button, track their donations within the app as well as see the total donations given by the entire bunq community 
  • The bunq app has also been simplified and given a new look to make it even easier for people and businesses to save time, save money and save CO2

Ali Niknam, founder, CEO and sole investor of bunq created The Bank of the Free for independent thinkers, who want every tomorrow to be better than today and recognise that it’s ‘your money, your choice’.

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Author: Laimis Bilys