bunq reveals it’s biggest (and simplest) update yet – entirely inspired by users

European challenger bank, bunq, today launches its most radical update yet, unveiling its ‘swiss army knife style’ approach to banking – drilling home the reality to users that it’s ‘your money, your choice’.

In true bunq fashion, users are at the core of every decision. From today bunq is giving some users an exclusive opportunity to become the first to test, provide their all-important feedback and be included in the decision-making process for the all new bunq. This marks the start of a public Beta programme which will roll out over the coming weeks.

Ali Niknam, Founder and CEO of bunq says: “Today we’re taking our biggest step in creating the best banking experience yet: this is a complete upgrade to the bunq app our users love. It’s not just an update. It’s a quantum leap for bunq so, it’s never been more important we ask our user’s for their opinion.”

With users at its core, the new-look bunq simplifies the experience with only one button on each page, and gives them even more freedom to support their community in personalised way. With no extra effort ‘bunqers’ can give back to causes and charities of their choice easily through the app. Users now have the freedom to create their own local charities and invite other members to support it, such as donating to a local school for extra equipment or supporting local businesses that are unable to open during covid-19.

Everything bunq does is inspired by its users. 72% choosing green companies as their investment preference so the launch of ‘bunq V3’ builds upon the zero-effort sustainable options offered with bunq Premium Supergreen and bunq Business Supergreen to make it easier and personalised for users to give to causes that positively impact the world.

By simply entering the unique IBAN number, users can give back to causes they care about – whether it’s their local salon or helping to clean the ocean of plastic. They can do this how and when they want to through a click of a button, track their donations within the app as well as see the total donations given by the entire bunq community.

As well as this, bunq has revamped and simplified the app with ease and community at its core. Users can open a bank account in seconds and easily navigate the app to begin spending, saving and tracking their money. With only one main button on each page, users can safely tap to see the benefit before going to the next step. To encourage community and facilitate common goals, users can now connect and create ‘tribes’ with friends and other members to track everything from CO2 saved to the amount of money given to charity as a group.

The app has been simplified into four tabs:

  • Me: Everything that’s yours from saved time, saved money, saved CO2
  • Us: Everything about bunq from total investments to total trees planted
  • Profile: A personalised profile with everything that relates to you in the way you like it
  • Camera: A tab of its own so users can quickly and easily scan invoices and receipts

Ali Niknam, continues: “bunq is built by and created for independent thinkers, who want every tomorrow to be better than today. Rather than just building another transparent, socially conscious bank we’re taking it one step further with V3. We’re building your money swiss army knife. So users get the freedom to spend, save and invest your money whichever way they like.”

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