Boaz Zilberman joins AccessFintech as Executive Vice President for Business Development

AccessFintech, a leading fintech company evolving the financial operating model through data and workflow collaboration, announces the appointment of Boaz Zilberman as Executive Vice President for Business Development. 

Boaz brings 20 years of broad experience in financial services, predominantly at IHS  Markit, where he managed legal, business development, alliance partnerships, M&A,  strategic initiatives and new ventures across IHS Markit’s information, software and  processing divisions. Boaz joined IHS Markit during its early stages and worked closely  with the company’s founders and senior executives over 12 years, successfully  delivering an explosion of new services and phenomenal growth in revenues from $4 million to $4 billion over that period.  

“AccessFintech has created the next generation of market infrastructure, with its  exceptions workflow orchestration and analytics, and is perfectly positioned to  seamlessly deliver strong, immediate value, along with the transformation into the  financial industry future operations model. I am excited to be joining at a time of  significant adoption of its technology and a growing network of clients and  participants,” said Boaz. “What excites me the most about AccessFintech is the  opportunity to develop holistic, end-to-end operations technology solutions,” he added.  

In his new role, Boaz’s responsibilities include go-to-market, channel sales, eco-system  alliance partnerships, developing the commercial model, AccessFintech’s scalability and  data monetisation. He was appointed shortly before AccessFintech secured $20 million  in Series B financing in October 2020. 

Reflecting on the new hire, Roy Saadon, CEO of AccessFintech said: “We are thrilled by  the recent momentum across all of our products and services and the response to our  project by our clients and partners. In Boaz, we have gained an outstanding professional with a proven track record in methodologically accelerating early-stage new service  opportunities and who can apply his expertise to mature the company life cycle: from  value proposition to execution. Boaz joins us at a crucial time in our journey as we have  received another vote of confidence from our investors. He will take all of our  achievements to date and leverage them and continue growing our ecosystem.” 

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