346. Insights: Jobs to be Done – The future of product design


On this episode of Fintech Insider Insights, Ryan Garner is joined by some expert guests to talk about all things Jobs to be Done. Our great guests include:

  • David Brear, 11:FS CEO & Former Mettle CEO
  • Alan Klement, JTBD expert and pioneer
  • Justin Geaney, CPO at Virtual Bank by Standard Chartered
  • Peter Collingridge, Director / Global Head, Entrepreneurs in Residence

On this insights episode we take a detailed look at JTBD, including:

  • What JTBD actually is – a lawnmover analogy
  • How impactful it can be when designing digital propositions
  • Why it’s the key to making your product an integral part of your customer’s life
  • How it can help to create powerful end to end customer journeys
  • Why JTBD is the future of product design

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